The Albanian Helsinki Committee has the honor of having its membership of 10 members, of prominent intellectuals in different fields of knowledge and society. The highest directing and decision-making are the General Assembly Meeting and the decision making Board. AHC is advised by an advisory board of five members of its membership.

The supreme steering body of the Association is the General Meeting of AHC Members (General Assembly). As a rule, it convenes once in six months, but in any case not less than once a year.

The decision making Board is elected from the General Meeting and is composed from 5 members, who are elected for a two-year mandate, renewable. The Board is renewed every two years, substituting not less than two of its members.


1. Vjollca MeçajChairwomen of the Board and President of the Assembly, was born on 20.01.1951, Durres, Albania.

She graduated on the Faculty of Law at the University of Tirana in 1973.

Long professional career has enabled gaining some good habits in terms of writing and reasoning of court decisions but not limited to, she gained also the ability to prepare materials such as reports, researches, studies. Legal writing and reasoning is another skill cultivated during years of work at the Albanian parliamentary, as Constitutional Judge, Judge, as employee in the Ministry of Education and Culture and as Executive Director, while lecturing at university has developed skills for the preparation of modules, programs, and capabilities for monitoring the debate and getting conclusions.

  • Since 2004 is a member of the Constitutional Court.
  • 2009 – March 2016 worked as Executive Director of Albanian Helsinki Committee
  • Is a lecturer at the School of Magistrates, Tirana, and has worked also in several private Universities as lecturer.
  • She was distinguished for extensive activity in the field of human rights, especially in terms of protecting the rights of women and the fight against corruption. She has participated in several working groups to develop a set of draft laws.
  • In 2001 she was elected as the Executive Director of "Women Advocacy Center" in Tirana.
  • During 1992-1997 he exercised freelance the profession of lawyer and notary.
  • Has worked as judge and deputy chairman in Berat District Court until 1977 and then worked as a lawyer at the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Culture.

2. Prof. Dr. Sokol Sadushi, Member of the Board and the Assembly, was born on 27.07.1963, in Vlora;

He graduated in Law at the University of Tirana in 1986 and has completed Master studies in the same faculty in 2003. In 2006 he received the title of "Doctor of Science" and in 2013 received the scientific degree of "Associate Professor". He worked as a prosecutor in the Department of General Control in the District of Vlora (1986-1991). Has been lecturer of "Administrative law", "Comparative Constitutional Right," "Constitutional control" at the Faculty of Law, University of Tirana (1992-2010). Has worked as a lawyer for the period 1993-1998. He was a member of the Constitutional Court from 1998 - 2011. From 1997 he is lecturer of the course "Administrative Law" at the School of Magistrates and since 2014 he is the Director of this School. He is the author of several books such as "The Constitutional Court and Law Control of the Administration", " Development of Constitutional Justice”, "Administrative Right", "Administrative Rights 2”,"Constitutional Control". He is also the author of numerous scientific articles and books in the field of constitutional and administrative law. He is a member of several bodies some nonprofit organizations like the Albanian Helsinki Committee, Albanian Center for Human Rights and the Soros Foundation.

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  • Av. Vjollca Meçaj - President
  • Prof. Dr. Shaban Sinani
  • Prof. Dr. Aurela Anastasi
  • Z. Kujtim Çashku
  • Z. Niazi Jaho
  • Av. Flamur Çato
  • Av. Fatmir Braka
  • Z. Elvis Koçi
  • Prof. As. Sokol Sadushi
  • Prof. Dr. Artan Hoxha



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