Erida Skendaj

Executive Director

Author and co-author in the preparation of certain number of publications, research studies, reports and articles in legal journals in the field of human rights, justice and judiciary institutions, corruption and impunity, concerning immunity and referendums, etc.

Niazi Jaho

Legal Advisor

In 1991 has been publishing some essays on different issues such as Constitutional problems, HR matters and others concerning regarding the proper implementation and application of legislation’s concepts of new democratic legislation in daily newspaper

Katerina Sherko

Finance Manager

Graduated in 1975 at the Faculty of Economics, University of Tirana, department Accounting-Finance and is specialized in “Trade Economist” in 1986. Further on she profited knowledge in the judicial field studying at the Faculty of Law at the University of Elbasan.

Klejda Ngjela

Projects Manager

With an experience of 10 years at AHC, she is engaged in various causes of human rights, especially the protection of human rights of persons deprived of liberty in closed institutions (detention/prisons, police stations, psychiatric hospitals, etc) to protect the rights of vulnerable groups in society, issues related to the functioning of local government, respect for the rights of immigrants and asylum seekers, respect for the rights of minors, etc.

Andi Muratej


The previous experience in the public administration, in judiciary and in civil society enabled a comprehensive knowledge and expertise on the functioning of public institutions, internal structures and procedures, judiciary system, legislation and legal procedures and also, on the situation of respecting of Human Rights, the Rule of Law, etc.

Valmira Kallushi

Projects Manager

The long experience in the civil society sector has made possible to gain great experiences through trainings in various fields, such as coordination, assistance, project management, financial management, budgeting, management of time and conflict, also has developed her in communication, teamwork, and in public relations field.



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